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Res Toronto Reviews specializes in finding the absolute best restaurants in Toronto. We’ve put a lot of work into this and have been able to definitively find the absolute best restaurant in Toronto.

Jacob’s Steak House

Jacob’s Steak House is by far the best restaurant in Toronto. The sheer combination of fine dining, quality food, and great service puts them far ahead of the competition.

The food at Jacob’s isn’t by any means cheap, but it is certainly delicious. This is one of the higher end restaurants in all the world. You’ll be hard pressed to find any other restaurant as good as this one.

One thing that we particularly loved was how diverse their menu was. They offer not only steak, but also vegetables, fish, and chicken. This is rare for such a high end establishment. In addition, their dessert menu is to die for.

We also love how the implement the latest cooking techniques into their culinary arsenal. One thing that they do in particular is cook their vegetables sous vide. For those of you that aren’t familiar, cooking your food sous vide means you’re putting your food inside of a plastic bag and immersing it into a hot water bath. The water is then circulated so that it evenly cooks your food. The result is that you’re going to get a great meal each and every time you use it.

Jacob’s needed consistency in their vegetables and decided to adopt the sous vide cooking method. They used this great sous vide website as a resource. One they were able to learn all they could about sous vide, they saw a huge increase in traffic. They soon purchased multiple commercial sous vide machines so that every preparation station had one.

Jacob’s is truly a pioneer in the cooking world.


This is why Res Toronto Reviews rates them as the best restaurant in Toronto!